Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MS 2010 Ride

This year I had a team of some 22 riders who did the two day Ride for MS from Ottawa to Kemptville and back again.

I was on the MS bike committee, made numerous suggestions to the society, found sponsors for our uniforms and finally the ride day came!

After all of my preparation and work, the ride itself seemed almost an anti climax. That being said, the rest stops were well manned with loads of fresh fruit and coloured gatorade which certainly added to the excitement. On one rest stop there were even homemade cookies! The ride itself, even with the extension is fairly short.

Here are some highlights and some lowlights!

The lunch at Rideau River Provincial Park is always a treat. Who can resist jellybeans, sausage, salad and yes coffee!

The idea of riding in a uniformed team was a lot of fun as many people commented on how great we all looked.

The ride itself is a lot of fun.

Andrew and I camped. I went to bed late but our campsite clearly became an unofficial kiddie corner with kids whining late into the night. I have no problem with small children, but there should be a designated area for them away from those who choose not to be inflicted with whining during the night. I went to bed late, when everyone was asleep.

Promo Items
I am a big believer in free promo items. I had provided a number of them and they did not appear. I should have distributed them myself

Why is it that people mistake brown tepid water for coffee? Get the Italians or the Turks in there to show us what real coffee is all about.

Hidden Treasures
If you found the massage therapists, it was a treat!

The campfire was a lot of fun. I had a chance to have an in depth discussion with Dr. Mark Freidman about the liberation therapy. I also had some s'mores!

Hopefully we can keep our sponsors and get jerseys for next year. I think the fact that people had the minimum in their account made them complacent with regards to fundraising. Although they did not have to, there was a tacit understanding that they should fundraise above and beyond the minimum.

Hopefully the mysteries of MS will be solved before next year!

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