Saturday, August 14, 2010

Latest bike death..leave God out of this!

Ottawa has had yet another cycling fatality, this one a 53 year old cyclist who was pinned under an SUV in a residential area. What disturbed me about this story however was the religious overtones. He was run over by a religious evangelical, a Baptist who no doubt leaves Bible tracks in her midst. The paper interviewed her husband who said "They were praying for the victim" What bothered me the most was the comments made by the evangelical woman who ran over (and killed) the cyclist.
As he was pinned under her SUV he called for help and her response was "God will help you."

When I took first aid we are supposed to CALM the victim, not bring down the wrath of God! The evangelical then said 911 has been called. Why not give the man a Bible? Or quote scripture?

Evangelicals make me angry. They use religion in a trite fashion and believe God rescues the wealthy, swoops down and lifts cars...if you have but faith. Such hurtful comments especially to a dying man (Whose death the evangelical CAUSED) are an insult to religious people everywhere.

When will Evangelicals learn that they make a travesty out of religion by their misguided, hurtful and ill informed comments.

Leave God out of this folks!

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