Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bicyling helmets and glasses

I will never understand why people who ride bikes don't wear helmets. I have seen parents ride with their children, the children have helmets but not the parents. Do they assume that their heads will not get injured?

I have had two relatively minor crashes and in each case, after some damage to my elbows and knees I have heard my head hit the pavement. There is no damage, just a little 'toc' sound. (Yes, I replaced my helmet) I am sure that given the injuries to my legs and arms that my head would have been the worse for wear. I once had a concussion from not wearing a helmet so I am a convert.

Most bike riders do not wear sunglasses, thinking that this is an affectation for Lance Armstrong copycats. It is not! I came back from a seven day bike tour, and was surprised to find a 'chip' in my sunglasses after a ride, from debris tossed from the road no doubt. I was very happy that the chip was in my lenses and not in my eyes.

If you want to ride your bike, the minimum equipment you should have is helmet and sunglasses. I also recommend gloves but some people don't mind scraping their hands when they fall!

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