Monday, January 7, 2013

Why I hate Christmas e-cards

Nothing says "I can't be bothered" like a Christmas ecard. You know, the ones with the canned message, the falling snow and sometimes awful music. You send it and can send the same card to all your 'friends'. Viola.. an old fashioned social obligation accomplished.

Email messages, ecards tell the recipient in pixels, that you just don't care. You are too ' busy' to buy cards, let alone choose a card..and the idea of writing a personal note...well not enough time. Christmas is a season where the only thing we should do is spend time with others, to visit and bring cheer. If we waste our time on shopping, or the exclusion of our friends, are we not really saying that Christmas itself is a bother and a humbug?

My friends (and yes I send real cards and get real cards) can be divided into two camps. I have religious and secular friends. My secular friends send funny cards with penguins or wolves...or socially meaningful cards reminding me that the proceeds from this card supports David Suzuki. My religious friends opt for nativity scenes with proceeds going to some monastary or nunnery. Secular or religious, what  I love about cards is the fact that they all contain a message for us. It need not be long, but it signals to us that we are being thought of as the letters are addressed and the notes written.

Emailed Christmas messages, like email cards are a very poor and lazy substitute for the 'real' cards, Our cards sat on our fireplace mantle, colourful and beautiful from all around the world. I did not print out the emails and I deleted the cards..there is no room on my fireplace mantle for such expressions of  callow sloth.

For those of you who think cards are a relic of the past...think again. They are a gesture of thoughtfulness in an age where most of us spend our time running in circles screaming about "HOW BUSY WE ARE"

Valentines day is coming. Why not skip the flowers and the chocolates and send an emessage instead? See how far that gets you!

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