Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Exercise..a matter of perspective

Today I started a 90 day high intensity training program and this mornings work out was on my bike trainer in the basement. My training room is in the basement workshop. At the moment we have a guest. She is an academic whose view of exercise is that it is a quaint idea but not terribly relevant. If she could, she would be happy to sit and read all day long and study ethics, science and ancient Egypt. When we are having meals I often feel like a barbarian as I am interested in the actual joint of meat and she wishes to discuss the ethics of the joint chiefs of staff!

Today I turned on my video for the workout and hammered away. A high intensity session means that for 40 minutes you are really pushing yourself. As such, I grunt and whine and say things like "I am dying", all the while Graeme Street the creator of the videos is on his bike demonstrating techniques and encouraging his internet audience.

Marie, our friend heard his voice and heard my pleas and jumped out of bed. She had concluded that Graeme was an ambulance attendant and that either I, or Cyril was in trouble..likely dying. She rushed upstairs to find Cyril reading the paper. 10 minutes later I crawled upstairs and she explained to me what her thinking was.

Its all a matter of perspective, because I am used to working out, if I heard such sounds, I would assume that it is a good workout but would never conclude that 911 had been called, or aliens had invaded the premises.

Exercise, a matter of perspective!

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