Friday, August 24, 2012

Guns and the US

I was coming back from a  camping trip and decided to take a break in Watertown New York. There was a farmers market, with the usual soaps, fruit...tons of junk food..including fried Oreo cookies..lemonade, music and a leather worker.

He was an older man who made belts, wallets bags and a holster for a handgun. He explained as I picked it up in disbelief that it stays close to your body. This was a craft market in Watertown New York, and here I could buy a holster worthy of Elliot Ness or Al Capone!

Of course this is America where people can carry guns. There are people who feel as if a gun protects them and others harken to the days of the wild west where you were in danger from an Indian ambush, or a wild gunslinger on the street..or wild animals. I saw none of these in Watertown. The saloon was quiet and Billy the Kid was no where to be seen.

The argument is that guns protect. Against what? Against other gunslingers? "it stays close to your body" he said his eyes shining with the prospect of a sale. No thanks!

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