Saturday, April 24, 2010

Woman on a bike trip...a morning journal

Rowena and I decided to ride our bikes to the start point for today's bike ride. We agreed that 9am would be a good start time.

Here is my prep diary
900pm last night, lay out bike clothes pack lunch
700 am get up
715 feed my dogs
730 have breakfast
745 decide bike clothes not suitable..pick out other outfits
815 decide lunch is not good, repack lunch
845 fill water bottles and check air pressure
850 find correct pump to fill up tires
855 Rowena calls to say she is leaving without me
900 am decide to bring leggings 'in case'
908 decide to pack a baseball cap and a sweater that matches better
909 change my mind about the cycling gloves
910 return to put cell phone and camera in the pack
915 tighten bag
920 leave, ride to Rowena's. She is gone
926 remember what Rowena said and ride like a bat out of hell

The moral of this story is as follows: I need to prep completely the night before and hide any other bike clothes so I wont decide at the last minute to change, ditto for lunch options. I will also resolve to fill my tires the night before and not frantically try to do it in the morning.

Today's ride was a lovely relaxing ride with a large group from KNBC. After riding at breakneck speed (rarely dipping below the 15 km to arrive at Centrepointe) I was ready for a nice break.

Lots of fun!

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