Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Ottawa Bicycle Club

The Ottawa Bicycle club has a storied history in Ottawa. It is a large club over 100 years old. The riders ride in a pack or pelethon and it always seemed to me that this club was for Tour de France wannabes.

This year I joined and today went for my first ride. I choose the slowest speed group, rode only 44km (more on that later) and made some new friends.

When you ride in a double pack you have the opportunity to chat with people. As a social person, I like this.

The group was a little too slow for me, and so I spent all of my time in the front of the pack. There was a very stiff wind and the temperature was cold. I rode my touring bike and wore my mountain bike shoes as they are somewhat warmer than my road shoes.

Unfortunately, my shoes are designed for summer. Although I had woolen socks and toe covers, I came home after a short ride..albeit against the wind with no feeling in my feet.

Inventors take note:
Please make bike shoes that are heavier. We don't need all that ventilation when the wind is howling and the mercury dropping!

Please design wool socks that actually can keep your feet warm

Please install windblocks on the shoes. I have tried duct tape...but it always falls off.

The tour leader told me that the OBC was not a very social club, but I found it very social, at least on my first ride. It is all a matter of perspective!

This Tuesday I shall ride with them once more and then again on Sunday.

Life is good!

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