Thursday, March 25, 2010

Workout motivation

Now that the biking season is upon us (hooray!) I am ramping up my training in particular my weight training. Weight training has numerous benefits especially for women. My weight training in the past has paid off handsomely when I ride my bike, as I have both strength and endurance.

The problem with weight training was motivation. I was a member of Goodlife fitness. Originally, it was a lot of fun with a hot sauna and room. Gradually, the showers became filthy and the sauna rarely if ever worked. Eventually, they simply turned down the temperature so that the sauna was lukewarm. The classes became so crowded that they were dangerous and there was simply no room to do anything. As if that was not bad enough, there was almost always blaring rap music.

I found it harder and harder to motivate myself to go and made almost any excuse not to go. What a change when I went to a private gym where I used to be a member called New Body Dimension! Here are the advantages of a small private gym. The first is it is clean. They do not allow street shoes into the gym and thus the floors are clean. The showers are immaculate and well lit. The lockers are large enough to fit your gear. In the women's washroom there are even shampoos and conditioners for the clients to use. The lighting is soft and the dryers actually work, unlike Goodlife. At New Body in addition they have trainers who know what they are doing and the whole atmosphere is one of professionalism. It is a great inspiration for training and the time just seems to fly.

Sometimes motivation can be renewed simply by moving to a gym that is clean, bright, friendly and professional.

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