Sunday, March 7, 2010

The wonders of wool

It was March 7th, snow on the ground and I went for my first semi serious bike ride of over 65km. I wore a wool cycling jersey but also a hi tech soft shell jacket with illuminite and pockets. The jacket is guaranteed windproof, breathable and is a nice red.

On the way back from lunch, I felt hot and removed the jacket and re discovered why wool made England wealthy, saved many fur traders from freezing to death, and for many years was hailed as the miracle fiber. Wool is breathable and retains warmth even when it is wet. After I removed my so called breathable jacket, I felt a rush of cold but then my wool jersey made all of the sheep proud. Wool jerseys, or sweaters when you are riding actually regulate your temperature. They cool you and keep you warm and, you don't get clammy or wet. Wool really cannot be beat.

My bike is also equipped with a leather tensioned brooks saddle. I have yet to find an artificial fibre or material that can even come close to the properties of wool and leather.

I think that sometimes in our rush to get the latest in technology, and my red jacket is very snazzy and lightweight ...we sometimes forget that the older natural materials that do not use oil to produce and are better for the environment are in fact, superior.

The latest edition of bicycle times even advertises wool knickers. They look pretty nice with satin inserts at the knee....lycra knickers and leggings look out!

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  1. Maybe this will motivate me to pull my old bike out of the shed and clear the cobwebs off it. Haven't rode it for years.


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