Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to eat a treat!

Having dogs is a great thing and I have learned so much from my dog. In particular my dog has taught me how to eat a treat. When Bubba gets a treat, he takes it to a sunny place, carefully puts it between his paws and savours each bite. He chews thoughtfully and smiles. My other dog Sophie inhales her treats! Sophie does not take the time to enjoy any of her meals.

How many of us are like Sophie? I have seen people at bakeries buy a wonderful treat, a croissant with almonds and chocolate or a lemon tart and simply stuff it into their mouths without savouring it, or appreciating the texture and taste. They eat it furtively, feeling guilty for purchasing a treat in the first place. They mutter something about diet, as it that were a prayer, and stuff in the pastry. They do not enjoy it! They eat it in a few gulps, swallow some coffee and then dash off.

Bubba is right folks. Treats are meant to be enjoyed, to be eaten in a quiet place and while you are eating think about how fortunate you are and how wonderful this experience is. If Bubba is not ready for his treat, he will hide it and take it out when he is ready. How many can do that with a triple chocolate treat?

I used the word treat rather than pastry to stress that a pastry or ice cream is indeed a treat, a gift of the bakers and of tradition to us. It is a delight to our taste buds and a pleasure. We do it an injustice if we merely stuff and run!

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