Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer is the time!!!

It is summer and I have a broken wrist. I have cancelled many of my bike tours and have been unable to do much training...BUT on June 10th it comes off!

I have a tour planned in New York and a new one at the end of August in the Blue Ridge parkway...known for spectacular climbs and scenery. This year I will go with a group and hopefully gather like minded people for next year. I will visit my family at the same time/

So what is left? Brockville with panniers, Bon Ton Roulet, Picton x 2 and the Summers end Century. At least I have those to look forward to and train hard for!

There is nothing quite so wonderful as a good bike tour and for me a good deal of the pleasure is in planning..so CAST OFF SOON!

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