Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Training for a purpose

Everyone knows that it is far more motivating to do something if it has a purpose. We look forward and we plan and we anticipate. I enjoyed the planning of many of my vacations.

For some reason, this lesson did not apply to me and my fitness. I bike and had a vague goal of getting faster or fitter but that is too watery and nothing really happens. This season, that has all changed.

I am working towards goals. My first goal is a week long race training camp in Cuba. There will be a lot of heat and a lot of hills so by February 27th I had better be ready. I am engaged in Cyclo Club which is a complete training program and believe me it is hard. The spin classes nearly kill me and the yoga left me crying for mercy. This is a good thing!

After Cuba, I will likely go to France in May for more biking to prepare for the Rideau Lakes tour in early June. Biking is like everything else, you need to have a focused and specific goal. France of course depends on whether or not I can secure some good working contracts to earn the euros to make it possible!

My goals are as follows: to lose a few more lbs and to increase my weight bearing strength and aerobic capacity. This is not achieved by treadmills but by specific neuromuscular routines that involve spinning in higher and higher gears at the same speed and giving your heart precious little time to recover. Tough but it works. At the end of my Cyclo Club workouts I am spent but feel I have accomplished something.

Having specific goals in mind has made cycling even more enjoyable for me as I now happily work on pedal techniques such as bullwhip and popcorn. I am also more aware of my upper body and go to the gym to increase my upper body strength and flexibility.

Years ago in a job interview (which I got) the interviewers were a little dismayed that all of my hobbies are physical and one handicapped interviewer asked what would I do if I were in a wheelchair. I gave a sensitive answer but the truth is,despite my intellectual interests, I would not be able to exist without the immense pleasure that my physical activities provide.

On to phase 1 of my training plans!

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