Friday, May 14, 2010

Biking the way it should be

Today Tom Seniuk, Carole Laflamme and I rode a 93 km loop leaving from Perth. The route was chosen by the chamber of commerce and had recommendations of where to stop and eat. Bravo for them!

The route was gorgeous, passing through Maberly and Elphin along little rivers, and falls, log cabins, rolling hills with horses and cows. There was a recommendation to stop and eat at Falls restaurant in Maberly. What a place! Organic, delicious, charming and cheap. I had an arctic char burger.

The roads had little or no traffic and were in fantastic shape. Perths chamber of commerce has a cycling committee and they hand out high quality routes of 20, 30, 50 or 90km. What a great idea.

I wish Ottawa would do the same. The route that the chamber of commerce committee mapped out was safe, gorgeous, scenic, quiet and blessed by an amazing local restaurant that were it not for the recommendation, I would have overlooked.

Today was bike touring the way it was meant to be. Fun, safe and filled with discovery. Today I learned that 3 cyclists were killed near Montreal riding on a busy road with no shoulders. Like all cyclists, I am saddened by that loss and this makes me even more thankful when I discover, or am told about wonderful cycling routes like the one today.

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  1. Yup, it could hardly have gone any better.

    Lunch at the Fall River Pub & Grill was an unexpected nice surprise and worth the time and money we spent there.

    Although the Perth CofC was not entirely responsible for this route since it was lifted clean off the OBC's Rideau Lakes classic and challenge tours, they do have the good sense to promote cycling in their area. And thanks for the parking money, even though I didn't need it! :-)

    Karine you turned into a good climber when I wasn't looking. Now all you have to do is leave behind all that funky junk in your trunk and you'll be good to go ;-)


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