Friday, January 29, 2010

Wanted job for 10 year old dog!

I have two dogs. One is Bubba, a Lhasa Apso with an inflated sense of self importance. He is a therapy dog who visits with alzheimer's patients. He loves his work and responds with tremendous enthusiasm when I put on his uniform. Bubba has a job, he has a purpose in life and he bears his responsibilities with all of the dignity that only a Lhasa Apso can muster!

My other dog, Sophie does not have a job. She is a rescued dog whose first 10 years of life were anything but pleasant. I have told her that her life now should be filled with treats, warm snoozes by the fire, home cooked meals and walks in the dog park. I would have imagined that she would have been thrilled to be in heaven. There are no more cold nights, no matted fur, no fear of being chased or killed.

For the first 6 months after we acquired Sophie, she settled into her new home slowly but with great joy. For the first time she was able to relax. It is heaven! We have now had her for a year and she has blossomed into a sweet and loving dog..but she needs a job! Heaven is not enough!

As a Lhasa Apso, Bubba is a watchdog and guards the world from his throne on the back of our couch. He barks and warns off all would be invaders, postmen and unsuspecting parents walking their children to school across the street. Sophie tries to join him, and when he is sleeping has even tried to sound the alarm. This infuriates Bubba who charges up to her and barks in her face.

When Bubba comes back from one of his visits, Sophie greets him with a large paw on his back or tries to take off his scarf. It is clear Sophie wants to work with Bubba. In the hopes that someone can assist Sophie with her problems regarding retirement and heaven I am posting her resume.

Here is Sophies Resume

Name: Sophie
Age: 10 (dog years but I am young for my age)
Education: Ph.D in food. I love all food
Trilingual: French, English and Food!

Work History etc

Numerous short term contracts
Survival style working conditions
used to the outdoors
can work under high stress conditions
fast learner
will work for treats
some vocal abilities with a harmonica

Maybe someone will offer Sophie a job!

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