Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am a new convert

For the past year, I have laughed at my bike riding friends who ride with very light carbon or titanium bikes. I laughed mainly because I could keep up or pass them on a heavier steel touring bike. As a result of my experiences, I had simply written off light racers as a fad, for Lance Armstrong wanna-bes. I reasoned that the engine, your heart and legs and lungs were what counted and the rest was frivolity.

This was before I rode my new DeVinci carbon bike. I could not believe the difference. The skinnier tires make for a bumpy ride, despite everyone saying carbon absorbs all the bumps, my steel touring bike with the wider tires is a softer ride. My bike has TIME clips which are wonderful for someone who is "clip challenged"

I was amazed at the way the bike responds and that in no time I was cruising at 38km/hr (no not on a downhill).

I am a convert! It is a thrill to ride such a machine.

Of course, the downside to my new stallion is that it will not hold panniers or any bag to speak of. I have a small saddle bag but no post mount, so it does bang a little.

I shall no longer laugh at those whom I derided in the past for being weight weenies!

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  1. Welcome to the fray. Next thing you know, you'll be blowing your nose in the air while riding. ;) *gross*


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